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Tracking Down The Emirates Airbus A380

The impossibly large flying machine has been around for nearly a decade. The first Airbus A380 went into service in 2007 with Singapore Airlines. Yet, for most around the world, to spot one is a rarity and to see one in action is a spectacle. The only place you can see an Airbus A380 in […]

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50 Free U.S. State Travel Guides

Right now, we’re going through the planning process for a three week road trip across the continent this summer. Plans are to head out from Southern Ontario, through the Northern U.S., back into Canada and up to the Northwest Territories. The return trip includes traveling through British Columbia, along the western side of the Rocky […]

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Plane View: LY-VET Cubana Airbus A319-112

LY-VET This plane was seen landing at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport at the end of February, 2016. The Airbus A319-112 with registration LY-VET is currently being used by Cubana Airlines. However, the plane is on lease from Avion Express (since November 11, 2014) and retains that airline’s livery. This plane took its first flight in […]