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BattPit: Every Traveller’s Source for Replacement Batteries

black laptop computer

Ok – this article is a little off topic and yes, it does contain affiliate links to Amazon that could potentially earn me some money. Normally, we don’t do affiliate marketing here but I just loved this product so much that I can really stand by the company. Besides, a laptop replacement battery does have a connection with travel. The traveller’s laptop is their ultimate connection to the world. If that laptop has a dead battery – the connection is gone.

I have a Compaq Presario CQ60 laptop. It’s been my companion for a few years. It’s not the best and it’s certainly not the worse. For what I need a laptop for, it has served me well.

BattPit Store at

However, over the past year, the amount of unplugged time as really diminished. The battery life basically came down to nil. In fact, it was to the point recently that if the laptop was unplugged for even a second, even with the laptop closed, it would completely shutdown.

If I needed to transport the Presario from the basement office, to say, the living room or the most productive room in the house, the bathroom, I would have to do a full shutdown. Then I would have to go through the whole process of starting back up and logging in at the new location. Of course, in the case of the bathroom, the time restraints rendered that whole process useless.

What was I to do? I have these great aspirations of making a living from the cloud. How the hell can I do that without a laptop? I can’t afford a new laptop right now. How much would a replacement battery be? $200? The same price as a new machine?

Turns out, a replacement battery can be had quickly and very affordably.

BattPit Store at

I found BattPit, a company that sells exclusively through Amazon. My replacement battery was only $34.99 (including taxes) plus another $10 for shipping and handling. I checked the reviews and this company had nothing but praise.

I ordered my replacement battery from BattPit on a Wednesday. The next day I received confirmation that it had been shipped. It arrived on Monday morning (two business days later) at 10:30am via Canada Post. Well worth the $10 shipping and handling!

The replacement battery came fully charged and worked like a charm. I now can roam free again for what seems longer than the original ever could. Something else I read in a few reviews seems to have also come true. My laptop had issues with overheating for the past year. Since replacing the battery, the fan hardly comes on.

What about this BattPit?

BattPit Store at

BattPit is a company out of British Columbia, Canada that prides itself in selling the highest quality aftermarket batteries and adaptors at the lowest possible price. Besides having replacement items for most brands of laptops, they also sell product for digital cameras, PDA’s and camcorders.

BattPit stands by their products and offers a 30 day money back guarantee, along with a one year warranty on all products. They ship worldwide with rates to the U.S. very similar to Canada and the rest of the world very reasonable.

If you’re in need of a replacement battery or you need a backup, check out BattPit – you will not be disappointed!

We’re going to test out BattPit again soon for my wife’s Acer Aspire 5536 laptop. Not quite to the point of immediate shutdown when unplugged, she has had issues with overheating for years. I’ll update this article when we’ve tried it out on her Acer.


We ordered and quickly received the replacement battery from BattPit for my wife’s Acer Aspire. The price was a little cheaper than the replacement battery for my Compaq. Delivery was fast (within a week). She no longer has issues with overheating and is able to go unplugged for quite a long period of time. Thank you again, BattPit!

October 1, 2013 – Another Update

Still going strong! The BattPit replacement battery for my Compaq Presario CQ60 is showing no signs of wearing down and I use it A LOT.

August 12, 2014 – Keeps on ticking!

Both the replacement battery for the Compaq Presario CQ60 and the replacement battery for the Acer Aspire are still running like new. With these two laptops having just 32 bit processors, it’s more than likely that the replacement batteries will outlast the laptops!


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