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CN Freight Trains: A Show Of Gratitude To Mike Armstrong (Coasterfan2105)

cn freight train brampton ontarioDon’t get me wrong, I don’t encourage kids to sit hour upon hour in front of the television. However, when you have two kids under five who are overly active and have a hard time settling down, sometimes you have resort to the mind-numbing video pacifier for a while.

The thing is, standard television doesn’t do it. They might be captivated for a few minutes at best. Often, I’m just looking for about an hour, so I can write, edit the photos for and publish articles like this one. The one thing that has worked extremely well over the past three or so years are YouTube videos by the great Coasterfan2105, aka Mike Armstrong.

These videos are nothing but trains. The video is high quality, providing a variety of trains and a great variety of background scenery, mostly in California. This article is solely being written as an act of gratefulness. I thank Mr. Armstrong from the bottom of my heart for the incredible work he has made public.

Sorry, no video, though.Correction: We’ve updated with a video taken at the Brampton GO Station of a lengthy freight train – see below. The images in the gallery below were taken recently of CN freight trains, mostly at Brampton, Ontario with one at Woodstock, Ontario. For full-size, high resolution versions of any of the images in the gallery, simply click on the individual photos.


Image Gallery
Freight Train Video

CN Freight Train Image Gallery


Mike Armstrong gets the YouTube handle from the commuter train that runs through San Diego county, the COASTER. 2105 is the number of the one of the line’s engines. He has been posting on YouTube since 2008 and in 2013 started the outstanding series of Trains Galore videos. The Trains Galore videos are extended collections of train videos that can be an hour long or longer.

Coasterfan2105 posts new videos weekly, usually every Friday at 9:00AM Pacific time. His Trains Galore videos are posted at a much less frequent rate. The videos are mostly in California. Many are in and around the San Diego area but not limited to there. For those not from the state, it’s a chance to see areas up close that you don’t see in the movies.

Although the videos are available for free on YouTube, Amstrong does have videos and prints available for sale at the TSG Multimedia website.


The COASTER trains are double decker commuter trains running north and south through San Diego County. There are eight stations between Oceanside and downtown San Diego. It takes an hour to travel the entire COASTER route.

Even if you’re not a commuter and just visiting the area, a ride on this train is the thing to do. The track runs parallel to the coast of the Pacific Ocean, providing incredible seashore views, especially at sunset.

Freight Train Video At Brampton GO Station


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