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GoPro Hero 5 Black Book and Accessories: Essential Resources For Any GoPro Owner

gopro hero 5 black pov cameraI had a choice to make. Should I upgrade my DSLR from my aging Canon Rebel T3i or add something new to arsenal to accompany the still functioning camera? The new Canon Rebel T6i was rather tantalizing but I chose to spend the money on a GoPro Hero 5 Black instead. The DSLR does really high quality video but is a bit bulky and awkward. Mostly all the video from the YouTube channel has been taken with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS2, a great camera but aging as well and I’m starting to question its waterproof abilities.

So, with the GoPro, I have a state of the art action video camera that serves all my needs above and below the waterline. The problem is, I was clueless right from trying to get it out of the packaging. This is a totally different animal than what I’m used to. It took me quite a while, and a few web searches, just to figure out how to open the waterproof casing to install the batter and memory card. If I was going to use this thing for all that it was capable of, I needed help.

I bought a few Kindle books and some were a complete waste of money. However, I found one that every GoPro user should never go without. It’s written by the GoPro guru and the information about settings and mounting is invaluable. Because, when it comes to GoPro cameras, the mounting is just as intricate as the camera.

When it came to the mounts, I looked into buying actual GoPro products but they were just too expensive for my budget. On Amazon, there are several different folks offering kits for very reasonable prices. I did some studying and settled on a 39 in 1 kit that got great reviews. The price was right and most of the 39 items in the kit are actually usable.

If you’re in the same position as me, having purchased a GoPro Hero 5 Black but are a little overwhelmed with what to do with it, here’s the items that have helped me greatly. It should be noted that both are helpful, no matter what version of GoPro you might have:

Amazon Product Links

GoPro: How To Use The GoPro Hero 5 Black by Jordan Hetrick (Kindle Book)

Zookki 39-in-1 Accessories Kit for GoPro Hero 5 (and previous versions)

Further details on both products below.

GoPro: How To Use The GoPro Hero 5 Black

Jordan Hetrick is the master when it comes to GoPro. He has now authored seven books about GoPro cameras. As per his bio, he is an internationally published writer and photographer who has been featured in numerous action sports magazines around the world. His YouTube channel How To Use POV Cameras is a must for any GoPro owner.

This book was just $9.99 CAD for Kindle. To appreciate the 100 plus colour images, I could have bought the paperback version for $25.51 CAD. The Amazon rating is a pretty impressive 4.7 stars of out a possible 5. Click on the adjacent link to get Kindle pricing.

The book is set up into seven steps that will take the unpackaging of your GoPro to making professional looking videos.

Essentials covered include:

  • General operations of the camera.
  • Settings options and what works best in particular situations.
  • Very detailed information on how and when to use different mounts (this was an important section for me – after getting the Zookki 39 in 1 kit, the book told what all the mysterious looking mounts could be used for).
  • Photography and cinematography tips that are universal, not matter the camera you’re holding in your hand.
  • Taking and processing time lapse video and photos.
  • How to share your video and photos.

Zookki 39 in 1 Accessories Kit For GoPro Hero 5 Black

Despite the title, this accessory kit will work with any other model of GoPro. I paid $31.99 CAD for the kit. I see that the price has now gone up to $33.99 but there is a bonus safety buckle and flannel bag now included. On Amazon, the kit receives a 4.5 star rating (out of 5). Zookki does offer a 30 day money back guarantee and a 60 day limited product warranty. They claim a responsive and friendly customer service department.

Included in the kit:

1 x ZOOKKI Head Belt Strap Mount
1 x ZOOKKI Chest Belt Strap Mount
1 x ZOOKKI 360-degree Rotating Wrist Strap Mount
1 x ZOOKKI Extendable Handle Monopod
1 x ZOOKKI Large Diameter Car Suction Cup Mount
1 x ZOOKKI Bike Handlebar Holder Mount
1 x ZOOKKI Helmet Strap Mount
1 x ZOOKKI Wrist Strap
1 x ZOOKKI Three-way Adjustable Pivot Arm(With Surface Quick Release Buckle)
1 x ZOOKKI Floating Handle Grip
1 x ZOOKKI One Pack Anti-fog Inserts(Including 6 Pieces)
2 x ZOOKKI Tripod Mount Adapter
2 x ZOOKKI Surface J-Hook Buckle
2 x ZOOKKI Surface Quick Release Buckle
4 x ZOOKKI Adapters(2 x long + 2 x short)
2 x ZOOKKI Flat & 2 x Arc Mounts
6 x ZOOKKI Screws Bolts(4 x long + 2 x short)
10 x ZOOKKI adhesive pad(5 for Flat & 5 for Curved Mounts)

One thing not included in the kit, that I’m in the process of obtaining, is a hot shoe mount. What this simple mount does is allow you to attach your GoPro to the top of your DSLR. I’m an avid aircraft photographer, as you can see by the site It’s About Airplanes, and this mount makes it possible to video airplanes at the same time I’m photographing them. This will allow me to post more plane spotting video to YouTube while also capturing the images I need to continue building It’s About Airplanes.


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